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Marco Rubio Mocked For Being Triggered By Biden Official's Comment

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tried to score political points Wednesday only to have Twitter users brutally mock him for his hypocrisy.

It all started when the Florida Republican criticized President-elect Joe Biden’s deputy chief of staff, Jen O’Malley Dillon, who talked to Glamour magazine about Biden’s desire to work with Republicans.

“In the primary, people would mock [Biden], like, ‘You think you can work with Republicans?’ I’m not saying they’re not a bunch of fuckers. Mitch McConnell is terrible, but this sense that you couldn’t wish for that, you couldn’t wish for this bipartisan ideal? He rejected that.”

“From start to finish, he set out with this idea that unity was possible, that together we are stronger, that we, as a country, need healing, and our politics needs that too.” 

But Rubio apparently didn’t read the whole comment. Instead, he stopped to clutch his pearls over Dillon’s suggestion that GOP politicians may not be paragons of virtue.

Rubio’s attempted takedown of Dillon didn’t go so well. 

It seems many Twitter users thought his critique over the word “fuckers” was hypocritical, especially since he became perhaps the first presidential candidate to joke about the size of another candidate’s penis during a presidential debate in 2016.

Oh, and how people piled on.

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