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San Francisco 49ers Player Makes Incredible 'Buttception'

San Francisco 49ers cornerback K’Waun Williams used his rear end to make an interception during Monday night’s game against the Los Angeles Rams — though the catch ultimately didn’t count.

A San Francisco 49ers cornerback made an incredible play Monday night using one hand and two cheeks.

K’Waun Williams manage to intercept a pass intended for Los Angeles Rams receiver Cooper Kupp by diving in front of the ball, hitting it up in the air and somehow trapping the pigskin between his buttocks before it landed on the ground.

But the play ended on a bum note: Williams was flagged for pass interference and the “buttception” didn’t count.

Still, we’ll always have our memories.

Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, who was doing an alternate play-by-play of the game on ESPN with his brother Eli, wasn’t sure at first how Williams made the play.

“Not the hamstring, it’s the, uh…” Peyton started to say, before Eli chimed in with the correct body part: “Gluteus maximus.”

As might be expected, many Twitter users thought the penalty was a bit asinine.

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