Aardvark Runs Freakin' Fast, Attempts Amazing Escape From Hyena

You go, aardvark.

In a surprising display of speed, the anteater nearly outran a hyena during a chase at the Mabula Game Reserve in South Africa, Latest Sightings noted. (See the video below.)

Then the aardvark cleverly gave the hungry hyena the slip.

The viral video, posted this week by Kruger Sightings, shows the aardvark sniffing about when the hyena enters the picture, jogging at first, then sprinting at its smaller prey.

The aardvark switches into high gear, shifting direction to keep the hyena at bay. But when the hyena finally catches the aardvark, the burrowing creature escapes down a hole.

Many YouTube viewers commented on the aardvark’s surprising speed. One called the animal the “Usain Bolt of aardvarks.” And that person wouldn’t be far off.

The retired Olympic sprint champ was once clocked at nearly 28 miles an hour. An aardvark can reportedly accelerate to 26 miles an hour.

Not too shabby.

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